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Please excuse us while we toot our own horn... 


Please excuse us while we toot our own horn... 

Lynn was so great. She had ideas that I would never have thought of before. A cluttered and out of control room became a room where there is more space than I know what to do with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Brooke C

Lynne brings order to chaos.  She is one of the most intuitive and creative professionals I have ever met.  Lynne's approach to organizing is thoughtful, personalized and non-judgmental."

Kevin M

Lynne’s work was indispensable for my home/ family & me. Lynne is calm, creative, attentive to her customers & well organized (without being oppressive or critical). She methodically helped me organize my home. Her work helped pave the way towards greater clarity & positive energy. My home & entire family radiates with more positive energy since hiring Lynne to help organize my home.

Janet L

I appreciated Lynne's honesty and humor throughout each project.  Lynne places me at ease.  Not only did she transform my living space, but also my mindset by gently challenging my dysfunctional thinking that created the clutter.  Lynne made me appreciate and fall in love with my home again.

Melba M

This was such a valuable service for us! We live in a one-bedroom apartment with a toddler, and things are a mess. We have all kinds of challenges and piles of stuff that we just couldn't seem to tackle.

Lynne was just great -- totally positive and non-judgmental, but really skilled at finding the problem areas and coming up with manageable solutions. She spent three hours going over every inch of our apartment with us -- and at the end, she drove away with her PT Cruiser packed with stuff she was taking to Goodwill for us. (It's a part of her service -- she even schlepped several boxes up our basement steps -- and it was so great! We never would have gotten all that stuff out of our house otherwise. She's going to send us the receipt.)

She was also a very good "therapist," helping us think through our relationship with unopened wedding presents, stacks of books, etc, and figure out which stuff didn't make as much sense to keep. It's funny, but once we put that waffle maker and that Henry James book in the giveaway pile, all our attachment vanished and we couldn't understand why we'd been carting those things around with us for years.

All in all, money very well spent. It's always a treat to meet someone so genuinely helpful and good at what she does, and our lives will be easier because of her visit.

Jennie G

Creative Organization was worth every penny. Lynne was fantastic at helping me organize my tiny kitchen to maximize space. I am a bargain hunter and coupon clipper and I have now realized I buy far too much food for the storage space I have (and for two people to eat in a realistic time frame). Because I couldn't find anything in my overflowing cupboards I would end up buying duplicates and triplicates of items (including 22 packets of tea!). I was having to 'duck and cover' every time I opened a cupboard because I knew an avalanche of packets would likely fall out on my head.

Lynne really helped me to efficiently categorize what I have and reorganize the areas of the kitchen so the most-used items were easiest to get at and things were 'harder to get out than to put away' to encourage me to keep it tidy. We also created overflow bins for duplicate items and threw out anything that was expired because it had been tucked away in the back of a cupboard behind layers of new stuff. We took out several bags of trash, two big bags for recycling and a large box of stuff to donate. She also suggested tips for buying less in the future by asking myself the questions 'Do I really need it?', 'Will it ever be on sale again?' Is the discount worth the space it will take up?', plus ideas for other storage suggestions (slimline cabinets, hanging pot racks, magnetic knife strips, etc.).

I highly recommend Creative Organization and wouldn't hesitate to use Lynne's services again if I needed them in the future. She was a pleasure to work with and had lots of creative suggestions that I wouldn't have thought of in a million years. I now look forward to cooking in my 'new' kitchen!

Rachel S

I hired Creative Organization because of high recommendations from my neighbor.  I have to say that my neighbor was right.  Lynn was amazing from the very first phone call.  She was a total professional, but still laid back enough that she was easy to relate to.  She helped make an uncomfortable situation much more comfortable.  I never felt pressured to throw anything away, Lynn talked through things with me and gently helped me realize my priorities.  She was kind and understanding and never judged me.

I hired Creative Organization to organize my bedroom.  After the organized and happy feeling I get from my "new" bedroom, I've now I've hired Lynn to come back and go through the rest of my house, top to bottom.  

At first it seems like hiring an organizer might be expensive, but the peace of mind that comes from living in an organized space is worth every penny. I also did research and Creative Organization charges what most organizers charge; some organizers charge way more than CO does.

Michael A

Creative Organization helped organize my entire apartment, including my home office and actually even helped me organize my travel plans.  I need all the help I can get since I travel a lot for work and for fun.   My apartment and my home office are clutterfree.  It is so amazing to walk into my home and feel a sense of relief.  Creative Organization helped me so much! Thank you for helping me organize my work space and my entire apartment.

Holly H

If you need organization, call Creative Organization immediately.  They know what they are doing and they do it well.    I moved a few times and they helped me unpack, shop for new home items, organize my entire home and best of all, there was no stress.  No stress moving - AMAZING!

They will help you find the best items to fit your needs and your taste.  My home is gorgeous and of course organized.  Creative Organization comes over once a month as well to help me stay organized and I love it.  Thank you Creative Organization for making my move easy and my new home beautiful.

Leslie F

Creative Organization helped me deal with my disaster of a storage room.  The staff was so incredibly helpful and non-judgmental.  I really thought I was a lost cause, but they worked with me as an individual with my specific organizing needs.  They not only took care of making my storage room look beautiful and functional, they helped me with a plan to be able to continue to keep it that way.

I cannot thank Creative Organization enough for bringing order to my chaotic life.  It's funny, it took me a really long time to pick up the phone to call them, but now I can't stop calling them.  I've hired them to organize my kitchen, my home office and the garage.

If you're ever in need of a helping hand and want to get things done efficiently, please call Creative Organization.  They are kind, patient, knowledgeable and very friendly.  I highly, highly recommend them to anyone.  Even if you think you can do it yourself, they will help you do it better.

Pandora L

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