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How we can help simplify everything:

  • Your Home – We can organize your possessions in every room of your home. We will establish a system that works for your specific needs. We will organize your belongings into simple and logical classifications so everything has a place.

  • Home Office – Create customized systems making information and paperwork easily accessible.

  • Basements, Garages, Attics and Storage Areas – Store items so they are easily identified and retrieved.

  • Moving Services- Help you downsize and pack so you can move efficiently. Assist with removing unwanted items from your home such as donations, valuables to sell, items to consign, etc...Unpack and organize in your new home.

  • We will make the trip to a charity to bring the items you wish to donate. We do not charge for this service.

  • Recommendations of helpful products. 



  • Fee waived if service is purchased

  • We come to your home for up to an hour and go over your needs, priorities, and we put together a game plan



  • Organizing with Lynne Mishele

    • $100 per hour

    • 4 hour minimum

    • $10 general supply fee per session

  • Organizing with Lynne Mishele and additional professional organizer

    • $175 per hour

    • 4 hour minimum

    • $10 general supply fee per session

  • Locations over 20 miles may have additional travel fees.

Gift certificates are available!

Does someone you know always talk about geting organized but they don’t know where to start? 

Could that someone also be you?  The great news is that having our help will not only get you

started organizing, we will also develop way for you to stay organized. 

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